The Limburg hospitality

Last century the Voerstreek was littered with waterwheels. Schophem was no exception. There, there was a waterwheel power a small paper factory. The original house with waterwheel was constructed on an arm of the Voer en where they constructed a small dam. This was at what is now the back of the apartments. This is where the name ‘op gen dêmke’ came from, translated it means ‘on the small dam’. The hiking trails in the Voerstreek are unique with their panoramic views, sunken roads, castles, old field crosses, chapels, etc. The Netherlands are close by, you'll find the border barely 6 kilometers away and within a radius of 25-30km you will find Maastricht, Valkenburg, Aachen, Tongeren, Eupen and Liège.