Cordially welcome at ´op gen dêmke´

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In a quiet environment, between the rolling hills of the Voerstreek, on the edge of the forest, you can recover from your hectic life. Whether it's for a short stay or a long holiday, the only thing you can hear is the gentle ripple of the Voer. Last century the Voerstreek was littered with waterwheels. Schophem was no exception. There was a waterwheel that powered a small paper factory. The original house with waterwheel was constructed on an arm of the Voer where there was a small dam. It stood where there’s now the back of the apartments. This is where the name ‘op gen dêmke’ came from, translated it means ‘on the small dam’.

We can accommodate the disabled! Just consult us first.

Enjoy endlessly and unwind on one of the terraces or grab a spot on the sunbathing lawn. You can find shops and cafes about 2.5km away in 's Gravenvoeren.